Clematis ‘Królowa Bona’

CLEMATIS The Source of Good Climbers
A new Polish Clematis cultivar, blooming profusely from the bottom of the plant. Flowers have violet-purple colour with mauve-crimson bar, 9-12 cm in diameter, double and semi-double occurring on the two-year's shoots and semi-double and single on the one year's shoots. Blooms in June and July, repeats blooming in September (less generously). Irregular sepals occur, wavy and with unique maroon and green coloured stripes. Stamens consist of a light yellow anthers set on cream coloured filaments. Leaves are light green, unifoliate and heart-shaped or compound or trifoliate, most of them wavy at the edges. Fresh shoots are purple in colour, in the course of development become fresh green and then green. Temperate growth cultivar, reaches up to 1,5 - 2 m high. The plant thrives in sunny places in the garden. Suitable for growing on arbours, trellises, poles and other kinds of garden supports. Suitable for container cultivation.

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